Not only do we LOVE the green benefits of buying pre-owned, we also appreciate the idea of preserving beautiful classic furnishings and accents while offering customers the opportunity to purchase unique, one-of-a-kind items at attractive prices!

Did you know that Americans are spending an average $700 per year storing possessions they plan to use at some future date - but rarely do? These items lose value each and every month based on storage fees! Consider a $1000 console stored at a rate of $75/month for one year. That’s $900 in storage fees or lost value in this $1000 piece! Consigners, on the other hand, monetize their investments while maximizing their return.  And customers in search of unique and interesting pieces enjoy the benefits of reclaiming and re-loving quality, often, one-of-a-kind finds! 

Why Consign: Attic Fanatic